Tesla Customer Service

Tesla Customer Service

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Tesla Customer Service in the UK is available to help you with any questions or issues you may have. Contact us by phone at our dedicated customer service number, or by email for a quick response. Our team of experts are available to provide support and answer any questions you may have about our products and services. Get in touch today and experience the best customer service in the UK.

Tesla Customer Service

Tesla Customer Service

Tesla provides a range of customer service options to help customers with their needs. Tesla’s customer service team is available to answer questions and provide support for Tesla owners and potential buyers. Customers can contact Tesla customer service through various methods.

Phone Support

The most direct way to contact Tesla customer service is through their phone support line. Customers can call 1-877-79TESLA (1-877-798-3752) to speak with a live representative. The phone line is open 24/7, so customers can get help any time they need it.

Online Support

Customers can also reach out to Tesla customer service online. They have a dedicated support page on their website where customers can submit questions and receive answers from the customer service team. Customers can also use this page to check the status of their orders or track shipments.

Live Chat

In addition to the online support page, customers can also access the Tesla customer service team through live chat. The live chat feature is available on the Tesla website, and customers can get answers to their questions in real time.

Social Media

Tesla also provides customer service through social media. Customers can reach out to the company on Twitter and Facebook for assistance with their orders, questions about products, or any other concerns they may have. Customers should expect a response within 24 hours.

Additional Resources

In addition to contacting customer service directly, customers can also find helpful information on the Tesla website. The website has an extensive FAQ section, where customers can find answers to common questions about products and services. There are also videos and tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions for setting up and using Tesla products.

Contacting Customer Service

  • Phone: 1-877-79TESLA (1-877-798-3752)
  • Online: Visit the dedicated support page on the Tesla website
  • Live Chat:: Available on the Tesla website
  • Social Media:: Twitter and Facebook




For more comprehensive assistance, customers should contact Tesla’s customer service team directly. With multiple methods of contact available, customers are sure to find a solution that works for them.

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